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Welcome to the official website for the Herzberger Quader

The Herzberger Quader is a puzzle for the development of spatial imagination. If you want to know more about it, Wikipedia knows everything. :-)

If you want to own a Herzberger Quader, you can order it right here.

For everyone else, we have put together some information for you here:

  • Herzberg is a small German town located about 60 miles south of Berlin, and Quader is the latin-derived German word for rectangular cuboid. So Herzberger Quader means Herzberg rectangular cuboid.


The Herzberger Quader consists of eleven pieces, each of which is made up of several small cubes. These eleven components encompass a variety of pairs, trios, and quartets, with the latter being assigned distinct and meaningful monikers by the inventor:

  • Rechte Hand (Right hand)
  • Dreibein (Tripod)
  • Linke Hand (Left hand)
  • Haken (Hook)
  • Platte (Plate)
  • III (Roman three): straight triplet
  • Treppe (Stairs)
  • 3: angled triplet
  • Stange (Stick)
  • 2: twin
  • Auto (Car)

Since the total quantity of small cubes is 40, the eleven pieces can be assembled to form a 2×4×5 rectangular cuboid.

Our cubes are made of beech wood, the edge length is about 2 cm.


Naturally, the Herzberger Quader also comes in a box, and even its packaging is a puzzle.

Our box is made of birch plywood and is about 6 cm ×10 cm ×12 cm in size.


The range of tasks is virtually limitless. Here is for instance a straightforward example:

Build cars of different widths.

  • One car is quite simple, this piece exists already.
  • Now double the width . This already demands some reflection and experimentation. How many different alternatives are possible?
  • The triple width is simple again, isn't it? However, there are already a lot of different possibilities.
  • Now continue with four, five, etc.
  • Who can reach the count of ten cars while using all the eleven pieces? Don't lose hope but it might be wiser to halt your attempts before that.